LAHORE -  Pakistan’s premier event EAT festival in the city concluded on a positive note the other day.

The three-day event Lahore Eat 2018 held at Fortress Stadium in the Lahore Cantt was a brain child of CKO Event Architecture. It is in its fifth year running this annual event and has become the country’s largest food festival and draws in a crowd of over 300,000 people in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Consisting of 80 Kiosks representing different kinds of cuisines from around the world which included Mr Waffels, Noodle Woodle, G.Y.M, Karamel Cookies, Arabi’s, The Bawarchi& Aussie Grill just to name a few. Lahore Eat 2018 also included performances by Pakistan’s leading talents such as Akhtar Chanal, Ali Azmat, Asim Azhar, Aura, Fuzion and Asrar.

this year the Lahore Eat Festival welcomed 7UP as the platforms Platinum sponsor and Exclusive Beverage Partner, Radio1 FM91 as the Official Radio Partner, Keenu as Payment Partner (offering 30% cash backs), UBER as Transportation Partner, Mindmap Communications as the Official Digital Partner, OUR Solution and Minerva Concepts as the Official Public Relations Partners.

The popular venue attracted thousands of people at all times. The stalls of popular local and national brands represented the most creative and talented chefs to the street vendors. The most attractive thing about Lahore Eat was that it really gave the look of a festival or rather we can say carnival. There were music bands playing while some stalls had interactive games and activities for the visitors. For example Radio1 FM 91 had gifts for everyone who could talk for 30 seconds on the given topic. The competition of talking for 30 seconds was between two people or children. And public was the judge. Then Uber had set up net practice area where you could play cricket. The more you hit the more benefits you would get. To attract customers almost every stall had devised special strategies. For example some stalls were giving special discounts for mothers and their daughters and some for fathers and their daughters. There were some families who were serving their on the spot cooked food, which was not only delicious but exciting experience. You had chance to eat the local delicacies like haleem and Haji nihari but at the same time all the western, Chinese and dishes from other countries were also available.

The most remarkable thing about the event was that only families were allowed inside the venue. Everyone was courteous and it looked like some family event. Designing and executing it this way was the success of the organizers. Most of the visitors like this scribe must be waiting for next such event.