This is apropos reports published in your newspaper about Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Aviation questioning PIA management for justified sacking of few employees who had submitted fake degrees. PIA Administration Rules clearly state that any false information submitted by an employee at time of employment would result in termination of service without benefits.

Why should Senate committee be seen defending criminal acts of individuals employed in PIA, an organization which is going in a loss, because of mismanagement, incompetence, pilferage, corruption and conflicts of interest of executives? Pakistan has suffered enough because of fake degree holders, fake bank accounts, fake income tax returns etc. It is because of these casual and irresponsible acts of few within executive, legislature, bureaucracy and others, that this country suffered international condemnation for housing organizations like AXACT, which were involved in manufacturing and selling fake degree all over the world.

PIA, once a leading airline of Asia during tenure of Rafique Saigol and Nur Khan, has over the years deteriorated because of dilution of its human resources. The Senate Committee should have been seen seeking complete cleansing of PIA of criminals, pilferers and those facing charges of financial and administrative indiscipline, not defending them. Fake degree holders deserve no sympathy, especially when hundreds of thousands of more qualified citizens are jobless.


Peshawar, March 8.