After purchasing a residential property in Islamabad, if the new owner wishes to change the gas connection to his own name, he has to follow a cumbersome procedure which involves providing CNIC and NOC from the person in whose name the gas connection exists.

In many cases, the property may have changed hands a number of times, while the gas connection may still be in the name of the first owner, who may by now be dead or untraceable. The new owner thus faces an uphill task of converting the gas connection to his own name. This not only lays down the foundation for corruption, but also results in loss of revenue for SNGPL.

On the other hand, the procedure for change of title for the electrical utility company (IESCO) is much simpler, as the CNIC or NOC of previous owner is not required to be submitted by the new owner.

May I request the SNGPL to look into the matter? The resolution of this problem will not only make life easier for its customers, but will also result in increase of revenue for the company. The only people who will not benefit from this change is the corruption mafia within the company.


Islamabad, March 7.