Australian based cricket coach Dean Jones who is coaching Karachi kings in PSL how to play well and win matches has also coached people of Karachi that litres should be thrown into dustbin instead of throwing out of it. Dean jones was seen picking litres after the match thrown by spectators which tells the story that from the country they belong to is neat and clean by collaborative efforts both by inhabitants and their government while we, here in, Pakistan blame only government for untidiness anywhere in the country but do not see and realise our responsibility that litres should not be thrown openly. Undoubtedly government has a major role to keep the country clean but inhabitants are equally responsible to keep the country clean and tidy by not throwing litres openly in public places.

Let’s learn some lesson from Mr. Dean Jones who did not see his status being a coach and picked litres and threw it into dustbin as for him tidiness is more important than his status. Let’s say thank you to Mr. Dean Jones who gave us a lesson and intend not to throw litres openly and stop others from same action as this is our collective responsibility. Start doing so one day we would have neat and clean country.