ISLAMABAD       -          Apple has delighted tech fans by quietly announcing the launch of its first touchpad for iPad. The new accessory is called the ‘Magic Keyboard’ and has a hinge to allow the user to adjust the viewing angle, a trackpad and a USB-C port. It is the first time the US-based tech giant has offered a trackpad and it will offer more precision than fingers in selecting text and switching between apps. Older iPads will be able to get trackpad capabilities with a free software update, but some will require keyboards from third parties. Apple announced the ‘magic keyboard’ will be available in May for $299/£299 for the 11-inch model and $349/£349 for the 12.9-inch model. CCS Insight’s Chief of Research, Ben Wood, comments: ‘For years Apple resisted support for a mouse and trackpad on the iPad. That changed last year with the announcement of support for external storage and a mouse on iPadOS. Apple has now fully embraced that user interface paradigm with the inclusion on a trackpad on the new ‘magic keyboard’.