KARACHI - Sindh Governor Imran Ismail on Thursday said the country couldn’t afford lock down as national economy, placed on recovery phase by the federal government, was still quite fragile to bear any loss and avert its implication on masses in general.

While talking to reporter during his visit to downtown areas of the metropolis, he said the daily wage earners are also a major stakeholder and they are being a worst hit. The provincial government however decided to close down its offices, and commercial and business centers besides all public places.

The Governor said that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself is focused single mindedly to pull country out of this calamity that hit the world in general. To a question, he said there cannot be any two opinions about relevance of precautions to prevent the coronavirus disease (Covid19).


“Prevention is also a social responsibility and people needed to be sensitive enough to realize the logic behind closure of recreational centres that also include cinema halls and marriage halls,” he said and regretted that holding wedding reception by erecting tents on roads reflected lack of understanding on part of people.


President PTI (Karachi) Khurram Sherzaman and senior parliamentary leader of the party MPA Halim Adil Shaikh along with other activists were also present on the occasion.