The prevalence of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the deaths due to the infectious disease have been growing alarmingly in Pakistan as compared to other countries of the world. There are nearly 100,000 people in Pakistan living with HIV/AIDs, but only 15,370 are registered. In Pakistan HIV/AIDs is considering as a big stigma.

People with aids are considered unequal, unhygienic and worthy of living. People do not think it as a disease, like cancer and tuberculosis, instead, they considered that people with this disease is a children of a lesser GOD. Because of the humiliation, most of the patients do not disclose their illness.

Prevention of this disease is very important but when the patients are forced to hide their sickness, it gets difficult to control the epidemic as nobody is aware of this person might be having HIV/AIDs. The most common reason of getting HIV/AIDs in Pakistan is by injecting drugs and needles. Heroin addicts, who keep exchanging needles that are use previously to inject the drug, are most likely to build the disease in one’s body, Using of non sterilized blades or used blades can also cause the disease.

There is a need to make aware population to protect future generations from this deadly disease. Prevention of HIV infection is the only answer and early access to treatment with AIDS drugs for those who test positive as providing AIDs drugs earlier would allow them to live longer and healthier lives, and help reduce the risk that they transmit HIV to others. Moreover, for this the government administration, religious groups, civil society and the media will have to work in tandem. It is never too late to prevent the disease and to be cautious from spreading.