LAHORE         -            A helpline has been launched on social media site Skype by the Lahore General Hospital (LGH) to offer online health services to people to prevent spread of coronavirus and protect citizens from the infectious disease.

People have been advised to contact ‘LGH CORONA HELPLINE’ on Skype to seek health advice from doctors about the virus and remedies. According to Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute Prof Dr Muhammad Alfreed Zafar, the service had been introduced to save people from travel and botheration to get expert opinion on the dreadful virus.

Prof Al-freed Zafar said that information was also being provided to citizens at LGH through a megaphone to help them use the latest technology as preventive measures.

The guidelines provided by the Punjab Health Department regarding coronavirus at LGH were being implemented fully, and all arrangements are in place to handle any situation.