ISLAMABAD - Since the coronavirus has compelled to shut the Parliament, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Speaker National As­sembly have discussed to form a parlia­mentary committee to oversee the mea­sures to prevent the spread of the virus.

The parliamentary committee will be constituted to chalk out a strategy to deal with the novel virus [COVID-19]. This was decided in a meeting between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Speak­er national assembly Syed Asad Qaiser here on Thursday.

Asad Qaiser, with the consultation of members from opposition and govern­ment, had recently prorogued the na­tional assembly session to avoid spread of dangerous virus in the parliament.

Both of them have agreed to consti­tute a parliamentary committee to deal with the ongoing turbulence situation. They discussed the situation arising out of the spread of Corona virus in the country and different strategies of the government to deal with it.