Islamabad            -           Pakistan has failed to send a single technical intern or skilled worker to Japan in the past one year despite both the countries have signed a memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) in February 2019.

Tokyo has signed a MOC with Islamabad in February 2019 for sending Pakistani technical interns to Japan, but so far not a single intern had been dispatched, Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of Japan said Shindo Yusuke, here while talking to media.

He said that Japan had signed various MOCs since February 2019 allowing three different categories of People from Pakistan to work in Japan. The categories are technical intern training, specified skilled workers and other category related to profession requiring higher expertise, technique or other element.

Regarding the technical Intern training he informed that the government of Japan and the government of Pakistan have signed a MOC in February 2019.

The purpose of this program was to transfer technical skills, techniques and knowledge to foreign countries including Pakistan, through an experience of On the Job Training (OJT) in Japan.

He said that after the MOU, Government of Pakistan had designated two government owned organizations namely NAVTTC and NUTECH but so far no technical intern has been dispatched to Japan.

“We are very much hopeful that Pakistan will send good and talented interns to Japan and Japanese companies are also interested in hiring Pakistani interns,” he said. He said that the response from Pakistan is a little bit frustrating.

He said that other countries of the world have designated 100s of agencies to send their internees to Japan while Pakistan has designated only two.

“I am curious too, why they have designated only two organizations,” Shindo Yusuke replied to a query, adding that Pakistan can designated other local organizations for sending the internees to Japan.

Regarding the second category of specified skilled workers Shindo Yusuke further said that both the governments have signed MOCs in December 2019.

He said that Japan requires lot manpower and under this category roughly 344000 skilled workers from around the world will be allowed to go to Japan. He said that “We haven’t seen any concrete proposal from Pakistan in this regard”.

Talking about the third group’s related category which include professions requiring higher expertise, technique or other element, he said this category has variety of field including engineers/specialists in humanitarian and international services.

A lot of people in Japan don’t know about Pakistan, he said. “Pakistan needs to do active marketing to sell Pakistan there,” he said.