KARACHI - National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has detected thousands of applications submitted for the issuance of dual national identity cards, sources confided to The Nation on Tuesday. As per report, NADRA is blocking about 300 applications on daily basis seeking for dual ID cards to be used for illegal and dubious purposes. It has so far foiled over one million such attempts throughout the country. NADRA high-ups have warned the citizens that possession of more than one computerised national identity card would be treated as a crime that carries imprisonment up to 10 years plus heavy fines. It is also using a state-of-the-art system to thwart any attempt to get two CNICs by a person. The biometric system introduced by NADRA recognises an individual through both thumb impression and face reading. Tariq Malik, Deputy Chairman NADRA, said before the introduction of biometric system some persons did succeed in obtaining more than one CNIC. However, there are also some people who have been issued cards by mistake, but NADRA, through biometric verification systems, is able to identify such persons, he added. NADRA also possesses information about over 100,000 people and their data who have duplicate cards. These people are being given a chance to surrender one of their dual identity cards in order to avoid any legal action. Analysis reveals that 62 per cent applicants were straightaway cleared from the DUP status whereas 33 per cent applicants have been rejected by the data warehouse due to transactions against surrendered CNICs. It is logical to think that those who conducted transactions on more than one CNIC had criminal intentions that might include monetary transactions of ill-gotten money through which property/ shares were acquired or businesses were established. The misuse of identity definitely carries some penalties and those involved would have to pay the fines for such fraudulent acts. The CNICs of such persons would remain blocked till they clear the fines imposed on them. The elimination of dual CNICs would go a long way in eliminating terrorism, routing out corruption from the society, improving governance standards of the country, control illegal immigration and last but not the least in checking unconstitutional use of right of vote. said Tariq Malik.