LAHORE - In the wake of security concerns the City police department has issued a new security plan for around 70 girls schools and English medium institutions of the City especially those having co-education status. The police sources said in the new plan, the police department has suggested some extraordinary security measures around the schools that it has been taking for the protection of the sensitive installations and important government buildings and offices in the provincial capital. Most of the schools are situated in posh areas of the City and alongside the main roads. The police department, however, refused to give names and sites of the 70 schools due to security concerns and to avoid creating panic among the children, their parents and other people. The initiative has been taken in the wake of terrorists threats to these institutions earmarked by the police on the basis of intelligence reports. It is worth mentioning here that the City police had received intelligence reports in the first week of the April that the terrorists may hit girls schools and English medium institutions in the City, especially those having co-education system. On the basis of the intelligent reports, the City police conducted survey of all the English medium schools through the SHOs of the police stations concerned and complied a report to take high security measures to prevent any untoward incident. The City police department has distributed all the English medium schools in categories A, B and C in the new security plan. Out of the total number, 70 schools have been identified for tougher security measures on the basis of the police reports. These schools fall in the category A. The new plan also includes installation of drums filled with sands alongside the boundary walls of the schools, huge cemented blocks (barriers) near buildings, deployment of policemen in plain clothes and installation of CCTV cameras inside and outside the school buildings. The school staff would be bound to show their identity while entering or leaving the education institutions. The patrolling of mobile police squad has also been intensified around the school buildings. According to the new security plan, cemented barriers have been installed outside the schools to slow down speed of all kinds of vehicles. The schools vans, buses and other private vehicles carrying school children are not allowed to reach the main gates of the schools. The children are picked or dropped at the cemented barriers installed at a distance of the school buildings or check posts designed for this purpose. Some policemen have been deployed at the barriers to ensure new security strategy at every cost. The ASPs, DSPs and SHOs have been strictly directed to personally make rounds of the schools in plain clothes to check security measures twice a week at least. While the SPs have also been instructed to supervise the new plan and report back to the SSP or CCPO Lahore. Earlier all the process to pick and drop the school children was being done at the main entrances of the schools buildings. Now this has been shifted at a distance from the buildings in the larger interest of school children and other staff, CCPO Lahore Pervez Rathore said when contacted. He said that a comprehensive data about the number of English medium schools with their locations was complied on the basis of reports by the local police. The reports also include information about the staff members, number of school children studying there and the level of security taken by the school administrations. We have also established a sort of hotline between the schools and police department for immediate communication in case any untoward incident takes place. Pervez Rathore further said that the City police officials are constantly in touch with the school administrations to see whether or not all the security measures advised are being followed.