We put our hands in fire when we sent American-sponsored men from all around the world and from our tribal areas to fight an American proxy 'holy war' against the infidel Russians in the eighties. At that time, these tribals were regarded by the West as holy warriors. Well, the Americans got their revenge on Russians but what did we get? We got millions of Afghans pouring into our country, many of them drug and gun runners, smugglers and trigger-happy troublemakers. We let them spread out in the whole country and under our corrupt administration, let them acquire ID cards and properties to build business empires. The bitter harvest of that crime we are reaping now. With the American war on terror having crossed our thresh hold to spread like cancer in our tribal areas, we are left with no options now but to fight these terrorists. What I fail to understand is that even after a campaign of many years, why has the Pakistan army failed so miserably in routing them out. In fact, now they are taking on the army head on. Is our army no match to this rag-tag group of troublemakers? For God's sake, lets stop being half-hearted. The time for half measures is gone. We need show no mercy to these ruffians. -DR ZAHEER ASGHAR KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, May 6.