US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believes that there has been a change in "national mood" of the people of Pakistan including its leaders with regard to the threat posed by extremists. "There is a real national mood change on the part of the Pakistani people that we are watching and obviously encouraged by," Ms. Clinton told White House reporters in response to a question after she announced a USD 100 million humanitarian aid to Pakistan. "I do believe that the current democratically elected government and the opposition has recognised the serious threat posed by the Taliban's advance out of their usual territory, moving closer and closer to Islamabad," she said. Ms. Clinton said she was very encouraged by the comments made by the Pakistan Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition Nawaz Sharif in this regard. The change in national mood has to do with recognition that extremism is no longer about a part of their country that seems quite distant from population centers like Lahore or Islamabad or Karachi. "That this is a potential direct threat to their way of life in Pakistan," she said.