KARACHI - City council held a meeting on Tuesday in which various issues including the exodus of Sawat and Malakand displaced people, land grabbing and encroachments were discussed in detail. The session was presided over by the Naib city Nazima, Nasreen Jalil. She marked the sentiments of the elected representatives that how they see the ongoing situation of the country and what is the gravity about difference of opinion among them. The leader of the house Asif Siddiqui, opposition leader Jumman Darwan tabled the resolution as condemnation of attack on opposition member Ismail Brohi by the land grabbers. Moreover, they demanded of high-ups to take proper measures for the safety of Mr Brohi and punitive action against the land mafia. Ismail Brohi, a UC nazim in Gadap town, informed the council that land mafia was operating at least in four UCs of Gadap towns. He told that the land grabbing and encroachment was not the matter of one or two days; rather, it has been practiced since 2005, when Wana in Waziristan and other areas of the tribal belt were attacked. And now, when Sawat operation has been launched and the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) have started coming here, day to night villages of the town are being occupied, he said. He said that he was threatened of dire consequences on raising voice against the land grabbers; even an attempt to murder him was also done. He told that terrorists were occupying the land in his town appealed the city council members to show the unity against this menace. He warned that if land mafia were not discouraged from such kind of wrongdoing, Sawat and other tribal belts like situation would be created in Karachi city. The treasury member, Arshad Qureshi, told that Mr Brohi, statement about the land grabbing and encroachment in the city is the reality of the time. He urged that the registration process of IDPs should be started with immediate effect. Another treasury member, Abdul Jalil, pinpointed that around 21 thousands IDPs had entered Karachi city and daily 40 to 50 families are coming form the affected zone. He said that till now, the registration process of these people could not be started despite Sindh Govt directives in this regard. On that occasion, Fazal Ur Rehman threw light on the history of Karachi and said that the city population was just 0.3 million when the people came here from outside. Later, a resolution was approved unanimously in which the measures for the protection of Ismail Brohi were emphasised. The convener Nasreen Jalil adjourned the session till 21 May.