ISLAMABAD (Online) - Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry took suo moto notice in the public interest on an appeal of affectees of Iraq-Kuwait war action committee, appeared in different sections of the Press, requesting therein that they were deprived of their money while returning to Pakistan during the time of war. They further narrated that United Nations received claims of affectees of Iraq-Kuwait war living in Pakistan through Overseas Pakistani Foundation and such receipts were also issued. Furthermore, the total amount of all the claims of war affectees was handed over to OPF for disbursement but in vain. The NAB took up the case and brought the black sheep to the book and recovered the amount of claims which was to be disbursed among the affectees but due to unknown reasons, NAB could not distribute the amount. and failed to give fruitful results to affectees. The matter is still pending and they are still anxiously waiting for their claims. The CJ directed to issue the notices to OPF Chairman and NAB Chairman to appear on May 20 at 9:00 am.