KARACHI - The incidents of sexual harassment at the workplace should be reported and discrimination against women must be stopped, said Dr Huma Baqai, assistant professor International Relations, Karachi University. Addressing the workshop conducted by Women Media Centre Pakistan on Women Empowerment and Human Right Issues, she said that pink-collar jobs were associated to women, and this was the start of discrimination with the female gender. Women are working at their homes without any stipend but when work become an income generating source it goes into men domain. Despite their hard efforts, women in our society face hardship and normally being neglected of their due right. It is note worthy that if men and women are working for same number of hours; men will be paid more than a female worker working under same condition. On the issue of sexual harassment, the expert viewed that this could be addressed if men start giving respect to the women. We witness several incidents where men have misbehaved with the women at their homes but it is taken as a routine because we are so used to all this that it is never felt as offensive. But we should keep this thing in mind that if we start protesting against unjust and misbehave at home, then our male youth will learn to respect women outside. Respect is something that can start from home than it goes to work place, if men are not well groomed than discrimination and harassment will happen at workplace, she added. About the reasons on this issue, Huma said that the reason for increasing sexual harassment was sometimes due to women fault because women encourage such elements by keeping silence on the issue. This is due to the fact that the society or the people at the workplace normally discourage women for such bold steps like going against the aggressor. Sometimes, women themselves are involved in such activities where they want to attain fame by going through shortcut, but it should be remembered that these achievements are short lived; the real talent speaks through the work. She suggested that the issue of harassment could easily be tackled if one stands and reports the thing at the first place; otherwise it has been observed that women get trapped in certain situation where there is no escape. Racial comments, injuring comments on ones personality and comments on ethnicity and religion are also included in harassment. The role of media is to identify such cases in our society and it should enhance knowledge and awareness about these sexual molestations. Moreover, the hereditary rights for women were also discussed and the speakers maintained that it should be remembered that if we demand for our portion in property of our parents, it is the right of women like men which is given by God and Shariah.