We are sliding down the dark valley of the unknown. We are all complacent, simply waiting for the inevitable to happen. We are trapped from all sides and we now face a major question: from where should we begin mending? We are blaming and maligning various individuals and institutions for this sad state of affairs around us. The truth is that it's not the fault of one Zardari or Gilani. It is the sum total of the blunders made by numerous ex-rulers and regimes whose legitimacy is still undecided. In brief, we are marooned, as a nation, with deep sea all around us and no escape route to anywhere. All our corrective measures or steps or strategies are digging the grave deeper. I may sound pessimistic. But that's what the truth is. Believe me, I sometimes actually feel sympathetic towards the current junta; they have to perform the last rites of burial and their names will go down in the history books as the undertakers. -AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, May 6.