ISLAMABAD (PPI) - Media in Pakistan has flourished in the past few years; a large number of private television and radio channels and newspapers are available to the public to keep abreast with national and international news. This has given media a lot of freedom which it lacked earlier. According to a Gilani Research Foundation survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan to understand peoples perceptions about media, more than half of all Pakistanis (52 per cent) believe that media has the right amount of freedom. In comparison with the western media, more people prefer Pakistani media as 40 per cent of the respondents claim it is better than western media. Interestingly a large number of people (76 per cent) believe that Pakistani media is un-biased to a great or some extent. When the respondents were asked on your view does the media in our country have the right amount of freedom, less, or more freedom than required? the results indicate that majority (52 per cent) claim it has the right amount of freedom, while 31 per cent of the respondents believe that media has more than optimal freedom and 16 per cent said it has less freedom than required. Two per cent gave no response.