On behalf of the residents of Block C-3, Gulberg-3, I had passed on the information that all refuse of the NFC House, garden and household, is deposited on the green area around the C-3 park. Often the guards or gardener set this heap alight, burning plastic bags and other garbage thereby polluting the air in and around our homes. At times the fire smolders during the night. There is a law against this Various residents of the area have spoken to the support staff based there to no avail. The NFC House administration is requested to have the garbage collected inside the premises of this building - this is how we do it in our homes. It can easily be disposed off at nominal cost using the donkey cart collector who visits here daily. Would you kindly have remedial action taken at the earliest. -MRS GHAZALA REHMAN & OTHER GULBERG RESIDENTS, Lahore, via e-mail, May 19.