ISLAMABAD - The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are on the verge of collapse due to present spell of power shortfall across the country that can render thousands of people unemployed, TheNation reliably learnt. As per market sources, around 8 hours loadshedding has been recorded in different areas of the country that has made impossible for the small and medium businessmen to carry on their operations. Malik Shawaiz, a medium level businessman in Lahore told TheNation that he and people like him were very disturbed due to this load shedding. He said that he was doing garments business and had a small garment factory where he manufactured clothing to fulfil the orders given by some local organisations. He said that due to 8 hours power shortfall, it had become impossible for him to deliver the consignments within the time limit, so resultantly he was losing his business. He insisted that the government should provide electricity to small industry on a priority basis because the big industries had enough resources to generate their own electricity by generators or using small power plants. Some other people said that the small and medium businessmen were not in a position to even buy a generator because the products price had shot up due to its demand in the country. They said that the said sector was the backbone of countrys economy so the authorities should take immediate measures to save them from becoming insolvent. Reliable market sources told TheNation that thousands of people had been fired from their jobs as the small industry was drowning gradually over the period of last 2 years and people were closing their manufacturing units one by one due to power crisis. As per an official note, presently there was a power shortfall of 1802 megawatt a day earlier as the country was producing 12114-megawatt electricity against the demand of 13916 MW. The said note also described that the power shortfall would increase in the near future instead of decreasing. As per the masses attached with manufacturing sector this was the most horrifying situation for them as they were already about to collapse so if the situation sustained a little longer that would be the last nail in the coffin for them. Not only the businessmen but also a large number of labour would become unemployed due to this power shortfall which may increase the security problems for the already troubled country, they feared.