The continuing militancy/terrorism against US and western targets by extremist Islamic groups is seen as retaliation for injustices done to Islamic world. The total state of paralysis of OIC and its failure to mobilize the world opinion on Iraq and Afghanistan through diplomatic, political and other peaceful means is responsible in large measure for the way extremists Muslim groups have taken the law into their own hands and in the process become a threat to the Islamic world itself. After the collapse of Soviet Union at the end of the cold war, the US had to have a credible enemy to justify its mammoth defense establishment. The hegemonic plans of the neo-conservatives were based on the strength of this behemoth. The 9/11 provided them with tailor made justification for advancing the neo-conservative blueprint of a new world. The Islamic community of nations needs to be reminded that their failure to assert the multilateral leverage of 57 OIC states through peaceful means in defense of the indubitable rights of the Muslim people has been an important contributory factor in bringing Islamic extremist groups into action with seriously negative consequences for the Muslim world itself. Side by side with urgent domestic measures for putting down terrorist groups and curbing the extremist mindset, the Islamic community of nations must activate itself at the multilateral/OIC forum and use the diplomatic, economic and strategic leverage of the Islamic world in pursuance of legitimate Muslim causes. In the regions such as the Gulf, Southwest, Central and East Asia, the US needs the support of states such as Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the GCC states, Indonesia, and others for promoting its vital interests. -FAHEEM MARKHAND, Khairpur, via e-mail, May 16.