She was Marilyn Monroe - the worlds most famous blonde and a screen icon who died tragically young. She was found dead lying in her bed in August 1962 with a bottle of pills by her side. She was 36 years old. For 20 years after her death, her ex husband, the baseball star Joe DiMaggio had flowers delivered weekly to her grave. Now, nearly 47 years later, more than 150 of Marilyn Monroes private possessions are on display in Ireland. Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons in Kildare, Ireland, is hosting the world premiere of this collection in the run-up to an auction in Las Vegas at the end of June. The exhibition includes personal effects found in the stars bedroom on the morning that she died. Among the pieces is Monroes white robe, believed to the last item of clothing that she wore. There is an orange Pucci blouse seen in photographs of Monroe and the evening jacket worn by the star from The Prince and the Showgirl. Clothes, furniture and photographs from Marilyn Monroes Los Angeles home can all be seen. Some pieces belong to Peter Leonardi, Monroes one-time personal secretary and some were sold at the Christies and Juliens Auctions of the Monroe estate. It is the first time that many of the items have been seen in public. Visitors can see pictures of Marilyn Monroes kitchen complete with copper saucepans. The exhibition is free and runs until 1 June which would have been the movie stars 83rd birthday. It transfers to the auction in Las Vegas on 26 and 27 June. -BBC