karachi - The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (Unisame) has recommended the government to broaden the tax base by providing some new incentives for the taxpayers. The government should announce incentives for the taxpayers, who provide documented bills for sales and supplies contracts or services. The Unisame committee suggested that the already reduced rates for small companies and medium enterprises should be extended. In their Budget Proposals submitted to Shaukat Tarin, Adviser to the PM on Finance, the Unisame urged the government that the withholding tax should not be imposed on the small companies incorporated before July 1, 2005. The Unions Committee on Finance convened by Muhammad Ali Merchant recommended some other suggestions, which are as follows . Valuation of properties for tax purposes should be as per Collector Rates as was in the past and the powers should not be given to concerned commissioners for assessment. The Tax rates should be further lowered down and new assesses to be brought into fill the defecit. There are practical difficulties which arise in respect of payment received as loan or gift from non-resident to family members. It is therefore, proposed that a provision be added for dispensing with the condition of NTN (Certificate) for amounts received from abroad. The investment rebate should be increased to Rs. 5 lacs. Cash Withdrawal from banks - tax withholding should be increased from 25000/- to Rs. 1 lac considering the devaluation and inflation. The exemption limit to be increased to Rs. 350000/- considering the inflation and for ladies to Rs. 450000/- The condition of cheque payments for expenditures to be increased from Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 50000/- Behbood Certificates and Pensioners Benefit Account can only be purchased by widows and seniors citizens and should be exempted from tax at the time of having profit as well as at the time of filing of Tax returns. Selection for Audit should be restricted for new tax payers Return Forms should be given in advance by the end of May and should not be changed for next five years Gift to blood relations should not be necessary through accounts payee cheque. Wealth statement should be compulsory for filing for income above Rs. 10 lac instead of Rs. 5 lacs.