Balochistan is the largest province, area wise, of Pakistan. Unfortunately, on the one hand it is facing terrorism, sectarianism, insurgency and corruption and on the other, its education system and infrastructure is in pathetic shape. Most of government schools have been closed down for a long time, especially in rural areas. Some schools are even being used as guest rooms by local landlords. Teachers do not perform their duty regularly due to their affiliation with different political parties.

The previous federal government had appointed 5,000 teachers under ‘Aghaz-i-Huqooq-i-Balochistan’ package, to promote education in the province, but, instead of providing education, it has paved way for corruption, by providing opportunity to corrupt government servants to appoint their relatives and friends as teachers, who stay home and get a salary! These teachers send junior and unqualified teachers teach at these schools. I would like to draw the attention of the federal government to take action and ensure quality education to the people of Balochistan if nothing else can be done.


Karachi, May 15.