After the elections the nation is holding its breath to see what action the victorious PML-N will take to control the multi-headed monster of energy crises. As the persistent power shut downs have created a miserable situation, with no hope in sight. By now everyone is aware of all the side effects of this crises and it seems to be the main reason why Pakistan People’s Party and Awami National Party, who both vehemently opposed Kalabagh dam, which could have rid us of our water and power problems, are no more on our political horizon.

The country has been a victim of their dirty politics a politics that was like a chess game made for them to have personal victories at the expense of the nation. While our politician were busy in these games, a strong Indian lobby has built hundreds of small dams on our western rivers, while the only megadam, that is feasible and located in our country, has been kept on the back burner for the last four decades by people who have no regard for the future of the nation.

What is required now is that the combined strength of KPK, led by Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif at the Centre and Punjab should make a solemn promise that they will not waste a single day in the construction of Kalabagh dam. World Bank is more than ready to finance this project with no hope of Bhasha dam in the near future. Pakistan does not have time to wait for long term projects that don’t promise us a bright future. We have to start now if we want to see a prosperous tomorrow.


Lahore, May 17.