The people of Pakistan have given a clear cut mandate to PML-N and there is no ambiguity as to what is required now to bring Pakistan back to its old glory. PPP and its coalition partners especially the ANP have suffered a humiliating rejection from across the country. The ANP has been wiped out because it failed to deliver. People have suffered for five years and now their verdict is in, they will no longer stand for any more poor governance, rampant corruption, lawlessness and disregard for lives and property of citizens of Pakistan as was seen in the last five years.

It should serve as a lesson for other political parties that the electorate can no longer be fooled and they will be judged by their performance and not by the promises they make. The PML-N has benefited because of comparatively better governance by CM Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab. However, now that PML-N has been given a clear cut mandate, it will have to prove its worth by delivering to the people. With a free independent media, the PML-N would be closely watched for its appointments on merit or cronyism to various state owned corporations, which under the PPP led coalition were destroyed by semi literate, corrupt cronies. It would be advisable for PML-N to ask for the recount of votes in two constituencies namely NA122 and 125, so that its credibility remains intact. The defeat of two controversial candidates of PML-N contesting for Punjab Provincial Assembly seats from Lahore should open eyes of those who think people can be fooled, or public memory is short.


Lahore, May 14.