ISLAMABAD - Senator Faratullah Babar demanded that Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) president Lt Gen (r) Syed Arif Hasan’s name should be put on Exit Control List (ECL), as according to sports policy, no one can hold office for more than twice.
Senator Babar expressed these views during the senate session on Monday. “As per sports policy, Gen Arif is no longer legal head of the POA and he was occupying the POA chief seat unlawfully and his election was unconstitutional. Maj Gen (r) M Akram Sahi is legal president of the POA. Blue-eyed persons, who don’t know ABC of sports, have been destroying Pakistan sports,” he added.
Sharing his views, IPC minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada assured the house that action would be taken against Gen Arif and his name would be put on ECL . “Government doesn’t interfere in association’s affairs while as far as Gen Sahi is concerned, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) doesn’t recognise him but we are in close contact with the IOC on Gen Sahi’s issue and quite hopeful, the matter will be resolved soon,” he said.
Sharing his views, Gen Sahi said: “Now the situation is crystal clear as the IPC minister and senate have endorsed our stance.
Gen Arif is not ready to listen to the Supreme Court orders, government sports policy and the senate. Nobody can challenge the PAO elections conducted in Islamabad last year as we conducted fair and impartial POA elections which were accepted by the government. I will continue to serve sports in whatever capacity and I don’t have lust of power but I just want to take Pakistan sports to new heights.”