ISLAMABAD  - Up to Rs 15 per kilogram increase in the prices of compressed natural gas (CNG) angered the motorists on Monday and the twin cities witnessed incidents of quarrels between the motorists and gas station owners.
“You have become mafia”, one motorist who just got his tank filled shouted loudly at the gas station employees. Someone suggested him to call to OGRA but others termed it wastage of time.
“What is the difference between previous government and the incumbent one? We were in queues and were exploited by CNG owners and today too we are in lines and are being exploited,” another motorist burst his anger out.
Another person opined that the CNG association has increased the prices in connivance with the ministry of petroleum and OGRA.
When contacted, OGRA spokesperson said, “We have received some complaints of overcharging and will arrange surprise visits to stations. Any station found of overcharging will be sealed and his gas connection may be suspended.”
Nobody from CNG station association was available to comment despite repeated attempts made by this scribe.