Apropos news in The Nation dated May 15, wherein a Senator Aitzaz Ahsan has demanded additional perquisites for members of the House of Federation, to bring them at par with the bureaucracy. I think this is an unreasonable demand based on fallacious arguments that since bureaucracy gets such perks; the Senators should also get them. Government servants and political leadership are entirely two different cadres. The former, qualifies for the role and is selected on merit, the later volunteers his services and spends huge personal funds to reach the esteemed position of a member of the Parliament. By what cannon of justice is the celebrated lawyer cum politician now demanding additional benefits for a position that he chose to serve entirely at his free will?

In my opinion the parliamentarian should be entitled to transportation, medical facility and lodging (in government hospital and guest house) during the session that they attend. Salary and allowances, presently admissible, must be withdrawn as these honourable members were not asked to serve but they voluntarily offered their services to serve the nation.


Rawalpindi, May 15.