Throwing away food is like stealing from the poor and hungry. Islam teaches us not to waste food but are the teachings of Islam being followed in our country? We can easily observe the situation of food wastage at any wedding, where people take too much food, more than they can eat and in the end leave food on their plates. Is this fair in a country where many go to bed hungry? Food Industry is also playing a role in this waste. We have all observed that when we go to a buffet, everyone fills their plate and then leaves most of the food.

Especially in Ramadan they offer “all you can eat” deals. How much food do you think gets wasted in such deals? Being a developing country we must think about those families which suffer hunger. I remember in 2005 a child gave an idea to the USA president that the leftover food from restaurants could be served in food kitchens in America. America is a developed country, which still needs food kitchens for the homeless and poor. Our government should start this and all the leftover food could be donated to the poor through these food kitchens.


Karachi, May 14.