LOS ANGELES:- Amber Rose has hired a number of off-duty cops as security guards to protect herself and her home after her San Fernando Valley abode was broken into earlier this week. An intruder entered her home on Wednesday morning whilst she slept and now the model has hired a number of off-duty cops to guard her house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some have been tasked with walking the perimeter whilst one of the guards will be in her house at all times. Amber is also fearful that she now has a stalker and wants one of the guards to accompany her wherever she goes, TMZ reports.

It comes after it was reported that the burglar entered the 33-year-old model’s home in the San Fernando Valley through a window in the the kitchen. They then stayed there for four hours, all whilst Amber was upstairs asleep alongside her mother, son, assistant and bodyguards, who were also asleep in the property. Her assistant had even got up to make something to eat whilst the person was still in the property.