LAHORE - Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb has said the whole PML-N leadership stands by Nawaz Sharif on his narrative of giving respect to vote.

As to Nawaz Sharif’s interview in a daily and difference of opinion on the same within the party leaders, including Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Marriyum Aurangzeb told media men all were with Nawaz Sharif although it was difference of angles of looking at things. She said at the parliamentary party meeting the other day, difference of opinion was found over the former prime minister’s statement. She said it was a part of democracy, but everyone in the meeting reposed confidence in Nawaz Sharif and expressed solidarity with his narrative. Marriyum said Nawaz Sharif was a three-time prime minister and what he told the interviewer would not be without reflection and thought. She said PML-N vote belongs to Nawaz Sharif.

To a question on the interim setup after the sitting assemblies will complete the term on May 31, the minister said consensus name of the government and the opposition will be announced by Tuesday positively. She said decisions need to be made in the parliament and not outside as it was not good for democratic process.

The minister said solution to all problems in the country lies in continuation of the process of democracy and functioning of all institutions within their respective jurisdictions. She sounded very optimistic about holding of next elections in the country in time. She claimed PML-N will form next government.

To a question on defection of parliamentarians from PML-N to PTI, the minister said people in parties come and go and what really matters is the party. She added PML-N was united under the command of Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif.  She said PML-N may have committed mistakes, but its performance during this term has been excellent as it completed projects like CPEC and ended loadshedding as well as terrorism besides revamping the economy. She said the PML-N government faced many difficult times during the term, but it rose to the occasion and delivered a lot. She also informed the media men that right to information bill will be operational from Tuesday and wage board for journalists set up that will hopefully complete the job within the fixed time.

The minister mentioned about censorship that was hitherto imposed with respect to the publication of articles of some writers and said with the continuation of democracy this problem will be solved. She said they also made mistakes, but they learnt and moved on and in that process she got strong inspiration and guidance from media persons.