Irrigation dept recovers over Rs144m water rates from growers

MULTAN (APP): The irrigation department recovered over Rs 144.5 million water rates (Abiana) from growers during Rabi season 2016-17 and Khareef 2017. According to Irrigation official sources, teams recovered water rates worth over Rs 144.5 million from growers in four districts of the Multan zone. Over Rs 22 million water rate was recovered from Multan, about Rs 19.9 million from Lodhran, over 61 million from Vehari and Rs 40 million from Pak Pattan during the Rabi season 2016-17 and Khareef 2017 from July 2017 to April-2018). Meanwhile, over Rs 1 million water charges (Tawan) were recovered from four districts, including Rs 375,463 from Lodhran, Rs 123,805 from Vehari and Rs 588,144 from Pakpattan districts during same period. The irrigation teams continued raids to control water pilferage across the region to ensure water to tail-end growers properly, the sources concluded.

OBOR initiative opened new avenues of business: FCCI SVP

FAISALABAD (APP): Regional connectivity through One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) initiative of China has opened new avenues of industrial and commercial activities in South Asian countries, said Sheikh Farooq Yousuf, senior vice president (SVP) of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI). In a statement issued here Saturday, he said that the SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) should play a proactive role to exploit these opportunities in order to eliminate poverty from the region. He recently had a meeting with Ruwan Edirisinghe, President SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry, during a workshop on 'Promoting Outreach and Services to SMEs to Improve EBMO's representativeness' in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Farooq Yousaf said that various economic blocs have played an instrumental role in enhancing their regional trade but SAARC failed to achieve the objective due to various reasons and hence the region was suffering from multiple economic problems.

He lamented that regional trade between SAARC member countries was only 5 per cent, which should be around 60 per cent. He said that SAARC Chamber should fix a target to increase at least 5 to 10 per cent trade between its member countries on yearly basis. Farooq also extended an invitation to Ruwan Edirsinghe to visit the FCCI.

Govt receives Rs15b in terms of TV fee, other additional taxes

ISLAMABAD (Online): The government is receiving Rs 12 to Rs 15 billion from public in terms of TV fee and other additional taxes in the present year, budget documents revealed on Saturday. According to new budget, government will get Rs 7.4 billion on GST tax, which is the biggest amount in all additional taxes, while public will pay Rs1.9 billion on income tax in term of additional taxes. The government will receive Rs 130 million on sales tax from citizens while it will collect Rs 1.51 billion rupees in terms of Neelum Jhelum surcharge tax, according to 2018-19 budget. Electricity bills will cost citizens Rs 600 million in extra surcharge in this year. Although public has no awareness of such additional taxes, but they have been paying these bills considering them regular, while government has been collecting these taxes through all electricity companies from all parts of country.

Punjab Agri Department to hold two-day Agri Expo next month

LAHORE (Staff Reporter): Punjab Agriculture Department will hold two-day Agri Expo 2018 on June 23 and 24 at Expo Centre, Johar Town. It will be an ultimate opportunity for growers, processors and exporters to develop national as well as international linkages. International stakeholders can develop their export of agricultural products in Pakistan through the opportunity. Agri Department spokesman said the department will promote Pakistan as a land of investment and opportunities for growth of agricultural trade in domestic and international markets through the exhibition. Pakistan having all the resources is the preferred country where lots of investment opportunities are emerging to support the sustainability of quality food production and government is fully committed to facilitate foreign investors with provision of technical services. Before this event, Agriculture Department also organised first Pakistan Horti Expo on January 13 and 14.