ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences with the financial support of Japan International Cooperation Agency will enhance medical services at its Children Hospital and Maternal and Child Health Centre by increasing facilities and providing equipment.

This was decided in a meeting held here Saturday under the chairmanship of PIMS Executive Director Dr Amjad Mehmood, which was attended by a 10-member JICA team, besides Incharge of Intensive Care Department of Children Hospital and MCH, consultants, pathologists, engineers and nursing staff.

Sharing details of the meeting, PIMS spokesman Dr Wasim Khawaja said the decision was taken to further improve the quality of medical services for patients.

It was approved by JICA members to extend intensive care units, including neonatology intensive care unit, maternal fetal intensive care unit and high dependency unit, operation theaters for endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries at MCH Centre, new operation theaters for major surgeries at the Children Hospital and new wards for MCH Centre.

He said a managing committee was constituted to precede the project with PIMS ED as its head comprising PIMS Joint Executive Director Dr Ejaz Qadeer, Head Gynae Dr Batool Mazher, Neonate Child Professor Dr Haider Sheerazi, Prof of Children Hospital Dr Jay Krishn, Civil Engineer Rafay and Biomedical Engineer Riaz Ahmed as its members.

Pakistani side confirmed to give due environmental and social considerations before and during implementation and after completion of project in accordance with JICA guidelines for environmental and social considerations.

It was decided that the hospital will submit the environmental check list according to JICA guidelines.

It was also decided to provide equipment and furniture for new facility, revamping the existing system and services and provide building facilities and providing new space for extension of present departments of Children Hospital and MCH centre.

These equipment will be provided to upgrade the existing facilities while the size of new facilities and extent of procurement of equipment will be provided by the Government of Japan which will be examined through technical and financial analysis by the Japanese side on the proposal of Pakistan side.

JICA will assess the feasibility of the requested items through the survey and will report the findings to the Government of Japan while the final scope of the project will be decided by the Government of Japan.

Dr Khawaja said that the JICA will provide facilities, including 16-bed neonatology intensive care unit, four-bed maternal fetal intensive care, 10-bed high dependency unit, three new operation theatres in Children Hospital and MCH Centre, new clinical laboratory of haematology, biochemistry, and serology for intra-operative inpatient and emergency case, new facilities for minor treatment unit and examination room, new facility and equipment for 40 children and 40 MCH beds, equipment for histopathology and microbiology and equipment for emergency delivery room, ICU and operation theatre etc.

JICA will exchange an official minutes of discussion with PIMS in early July this year while the present members of JICA approved the facilities to be given to PIMS children and mother and child health centre.

On the occasion, ED PIMS Dr Amjad Mehmood said that efforts were being made to serve the patients by ensuring best facilities for patients, doctors, nurses, medical paramedical and all employees of PIMS.

He said that the orders of the Supreme Court will be fully followed regarding cardiac centre and opening of bone marrow transplant centre in PIMS.–APP