HAFIZABAD -A 9th class student of village Rabarr was allegedly abducted and sexually abused by four fiendish men of Chak Sajjada village.

The Vanike Tarar police registered a case against the accused and arrested two of them while the others fled away.

According to police source, the victim was enticed away by Abid Hussain, Zain Ali, Shehryar and Zain Abbas to a deserted place where they forced him to submit their animal lust. However, he refused to surrender thus they thrashed him and forcibly criminally assaulted him. Meanwhile, a married woman was injured when she was stabbed by her husband in Kariala village due to her suspicious character.

According to police source, Khalid was married to Sidra Bibi a few months back but due to her dubious character, the couple often quarreled. On the day of incident, they exchanged harsh words which flared Khalid to pounce upon his wife with a sharp aged weapon and seriously injured her. The injured was rushed to the Trauma Centre in critical condition.

The accused fled away after committing the offence.