KARACHI   -   The Sindh chapter of Peoples Youth Organization (PYO) has reacted angrily over the statement of NAB Chairman about Asif Ali Zardari’s illness.

Spokesperson Taimoor Ali Maher said on Sunday that it was not a good sign for entire democratic setup to malign top political leadership. He made these remarks during a meeting held at PYO Karachi Secretariat.

Terming the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) as the “bureau of political engineering,” spokesperson Taimoor Ali Maher said that all PPP workers are committed to ensure respect for all national institutions. However, such unnecessary actions are forcing PPP workers to start agitation against the immature PTI government on massive scale, he warned, emphasising that NAB has no right to make fun of anyone.

On the occasion, meeting participants also vowed to support top leadership including Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in this critical time.

He said that the entire leadership of PPP and all workers respects national institutions but if leaders of these institutions target the leaders or officials of a political party, how can we trust the institutions, all the allegations on our leaders are based on unnecessary and government disputes And, if these false allegations were made to try to arrest the leaders, then reports will be resisted.

He said that the present government has just come to power for entertainment only and they know very well that it is their first and last government, the non-democratic people who have given power to the PTI, are refusing to make their decision. He said that the economic crisis created by the present government intentionally went beyond $ 150, the highest inflation of dollars in domestic history, the nation has seen that the government has completely diminished before the IMF and it appears that in future Both the country and the government will run the IMF.

He further added that the PPP is guaranteed for the development and prosperity of Pakistan, the PTI’s government is taking its last breath and does not know when to get buried away from Ventilator.