Pakistan’s population has exceeded 200 million as per the result of 2017 census. Its population is growing at the rate of 2% per annum which includes country’s name among the highest growing population in the world. Such rapid population growth in a country like Pakistan whose economy is on the wane for over two decades makes the country more susceptible to various challenges prevailed from poverty, unemployment and energy crises to the issues of homelessness and transportation.

Presently, around four million youth of the country is unemployed and the number will reach up to 8.2 million till 2020 according to estimates if the population growth rate remains same and the government fails to provide jobs to the unemployed youth of the country.

Thomas Robert Malthus postulated a theory in 1890s that can help Pakistan out of its present multifaceted crises that is mainly linked to population in some way or the other. The policy makers of the country should revisit that theory and then plan for combating other challenges of the country. Otherwise, the government will end up nowhere if it fails to tackle the issue of population.


Mandi Bhauddin, May 5.