The law enforcement agencies in general and police, in particular, are feared in Pakistan not respected. And the horrific incident of three policemen who raped a 22-year-old woman tells that the so-called protectors have metamorphosed into sexual predators. While adding insult to the injury, they also snatched the personal belongings of the victim, including cash. Since when has the police department started recruiting dacoits and rapists in its rank and file?

The gruesome mishap in Rawalpindi speaks volumes about the moral bankruptcy of the police department. The incident has seriously breached the trust of the people in police. People already dread the department for thinking of it as a major obstacle in seeking justice. Just a visit to any police station informs us that despite newly erected infrastructure and better equipment given to the force, the “Thana Culture” has not seen any improvement at all.

The police department often complains that it does not enjoy people’s respect. The higher ups of the department have already found an answer for their lamentation. The people do not respect the police force despite all the sacrifices that they render in the line of duty because of such beasts that are found quite frequently in the police department.

The grotesque incident is a classic case study of how people in the police force think of themselves above the law of the land. Abusing the authority is a norm when it comes to police, as the audacity of the three arrested police constables shows who dared to feed a contact number in the victim’s cell phone. Had the victim remained silent, these beasts would have violated her many a time; however, kudos to the brave for reporting the unfortunate mishap.

Back in 2016 Chaudhry Sarwar, who is the incumbent governor of Punjab for Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), had issued a fact sheet about the rape and kidnap incidents and said that Pakistan was among ten worst countries regarding rape cases. Mr Sarwar! What steps have your government taken in this regard?

It is not the first time that someone from the police has fallen so low. Other such incidents have already been recorded where police officials have raped women. Why do the higher authorities within police remain silent on such events is the question that needs an answer. Are they complicit in such incidents because silence in such incidents makes people partners in crime?

The state needs to overhaul the police force. Moral, civic and ethical training of the police is what is most needed. Also, the government should show no relaxation to the three accused. Any relaxation shown to these three beasts will produce more monsters in the police.