ISLAMABAD    -    Rawalpindi Regional head coach Sabih Azhar added yet another feather to his already decorated cap, as he has been accredited as PCB Level-IV (Master) coach with flying colours.

Talking to The Nation on Sunday, Sabih said: “Thanks to Almighty Allah, I have managed to achieve the Level-IV Master course, which means specialization. The level-I is basic course, level-II is more of the analysis, level-III is all about the management, planning, organisation and handling elite players and elite teams while level-IV is the highest in the cricketing world. It makes you master coach and it is more about research work, how to handle players, big teams and how to handle organisations.”

Sabih said: “All the coaching courses, I have done, have definitely enhanced my knowledge and experience and will surely help me train and guide the players of all ages and the teams of all levels as well as the upcoming coaches. I always believe in passing on the knowledge to others. Whatever responsibility the PCB assigns me, I will utilize all my knowledge and abilities to contribute towards Pakistan cricket.

“For last two decades or so, I have been working as coach and was given different assignments by the PCB, which I performed with full devotion and gave my best to help Pakistan cricket in the best possible manner. I am grateful to all those, who always believed in me and especially to the players, who always responded well. Almighty has given me so much success at domestic and international level and it is all just because of my hard work and passion for cricket.

“I always want to contribute in best possible manner. Winning Pakistan’s premier domestic tournament Quaid-e-Azam Trophy with two different sides was never easy, but sheer hard work and performing duties honestly hold the key to success,” he added.

Sabih said: “Rawalpindi Region is blessed with immense amount of talent and my history is a clear indication that I never sit in the rooms rather I visited different cricket grounds and cities to search out genuine talent. And thanks to Almighty, I succeeded in producing quality international stars likes Sohail Tanveer, Umer Amin, Awais Zia, Hammad Azam, Shadab Khan, while a number of others are making waves at the regional and district levels.

“I am working with the likes of fast bowler Sheraz Khan, batsmen Haider Ali and Nasir Nawaz. They all got huge talent, while there are also Aamir Hassan, Hafeez Mughal in U-16 while in U-13, we have Arshad Khan,” he added.

He said: “Despite acute shortage of cricket grounds, Rawalpindi is working as the nursery to provide future stars to the national team. We desperately need high performance centre with all facilities like gym, rehab centre, swimming pool, bowling machine, indoor facilities, as without working on such state-of-the-art high-performance centre, we can’t turn raw material into sheer class.

“It is good that the PCB is taking drastic measures to improve domestic structure and huge investment is being made on future of Pakistan cricket. But we need cricket grounds and infrastructure in Rawalpindi.

Trust me we can produce thousands of cricketers, if we have quality cricket grounds available. I request PCB Managing Director Waseem Khan to visit Rawalpindi and meet with the youngsters. He will understand how passionate and talented they are.

“My services are available for all the youngsters, coaches and all those, who want to contribute towards Pakistan cricket. They should feel free and contact me whenever they need my services and advice,” Sabih concluded.