KASUR-Chunian Road, built with millions of rupees, has dilapidated owing to choked sewage.

According to a survey report, the sewage spills out of manholes and remains stagnant on the road for months. The continuous presence of sewage has left the road deteriorated from several spots. It has caused serious problems for those who travel on the road on a regular basis. Besides, the stink emitting from the dirty water is a constant problem for the people living nearby. It has been reported that some of the people, living along the road, have fallen a victim to respiratory diseases for permanently breathing in a polluted environment. Moreover, the sewage has now started seeping into the shops along the road. Locals demand that the district administration take notice of it and fix their problem.


Armed men looted cash and other valuables, worth more than Rs2.5 million, in a spate of robberies in Kasur. In Mehr Chandwala, Kanganpur, 13 dacoits entered the house of Ghulam Safdar. They held the entire family hostage, and looted Rs500,000 cash and 25 tola gold ornaments.

In suburban area Jumber, two dacoits entered the house of Farman Ali. They held the family hostage, and took away Rs500,000 cash, two tola gold ornaments, and a cell phone. In Chunian, thieves stole valuables worth Rs50,000 from the sweets shop of Shafiq. Local police were investigating.