My dear class,

People enter in your life as strangers and become so important all of a sudden even for an extreme introvert person like me is though an unusual feeling. I am a final year student of media studies and I have collected all my courage to a point to publicize myself by clearly stating that yes I am attached to my class and I want to thank all of my class for bearing with my attitude and introversions for three and a half years and I will miss them when the session ends.

I will miss the fun filled comments on my dressing sense, making faces while shaking hands and listening to their stories. Our bond as a class is like we are in a war zone, wishing birthdays to classmate on random days, copying each other's assignments, laughing together on each other’s presentation, acting dumb as there is no quiz in front of the teacher, assuming one another as teacher's favorite and requesting teacher's to raise each other marks, treat targeting anyone in the class all the time and thanking CR for proxies. Yes! I will miss that all.

The early semesters were the moments of joy for us spent all chill and with a common thought that we will work hard in next semester and the same thought brings us to this final year.  No wonder, we would have to spend our senior year at home and when this pandemic will end but things happen with a purpose. I would have never valued my relationship with you all so much. Let’s aim together that we will go on our final year trip, dress up for the farewell and wear same graduating t-shirts titled as ‘BS Media 8B, Class of Covid-19 Survivors’ once this all ends.

Yours class fellow,

Abdul Kareem (037)