ISLAMABAD -In line with directive of Prime Minister Imran Khan on reaching out to the public through holding open courts by organizations under the Federal Government, Chairman National Highway Authority Capt(Retd)SikandarQayyum held E-Kachehri at headoffice of the Authority through NHA official Facebook Page and answered the questions placed by the people all over the country.

In his opening remarks, Chairman NHA Capt(Retd)SikandarQayyum informed about objectives and working of the Authority. He said presently NHA controls more than 12000 km of motorways and national highways throughout the country and that 80 percent of the total commercial traffic is attached to NHA’s network.

He said road building is a laborious technical job and heavy amounts are needed for their construction. Our endeavour is to provide a high speed safe and reliable network in the country. He said such E-Kachehris shall also be arranged at NHA’s regional offices located throughout the country. He said NHA is also undertaking projects with private sector partnership and that as per directive of Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Mr. MuradSaeed NHA is taking steps to enhance its revenue to reduce load on national exchequer.