Islamabad-The Queen could lose £18 million amid the coronavirus lockdown, the Lord Chamberlain warned staff in an email. With royal palaces closed because of restrictions on movement to stop the spread of the killer virus, the Queen is set to miss out on income from millions of tourists. And in an email to staff, Lord Chamberlain Earl Peel, head of the Royal Household, admitted royal income is expected to fall by as much as a third this year. He also told workers that there will be a pay freeze, as well as a freeze on recruitment.

Last year, tourism earned the royals more than £70 million from ticket and souvenir sales. The royals earn millions from the Crown Estates, though that income will now fall significantly amid lockdown. Buckingham Palace brings in around £12 million a year, Windsor Castle £25 million, Holyrood house in Edinburgh £5.6 million, the Royal Mews £1.6 million and Clarence House £132,000. The Queen is worth £350 million and the Sovereign Grant, paid to the royals annually by the taxpayer to fund official duties, was £82.4million last year.