Rahimyar Khan         -       Rahimyar Khan is becoming the largest central hub for drugs in the South Punjab and during last 3 weeks police had recovered more then 10,000 bottles of liquor,huge quantity of raw liquor,charas and arrested interprovincial and international gangs of drug traffickers.

More arrests are being expected in this regard soon.

Police has decided to start a grand operation against drug traffickers immediately because more than 15 persons died in a month before Eid after consuming liquor.

Police has sealed a liquor manufacturing factory with many ovens involved in preparing toxic liquor and recovered tons of drugs and arrested many criminals including an Afghan gang and also some accused from Sindh and KPK.

DPO Muntzar Mehdi told this correspondent that police has arrested almost all major gangs involved in drugs trafficking.

He said that it is expected that there will  be no incident of deaths due to liquor thus year on the eve of Eid.