LAHORE - A protest of labourers took place at the Mazdoor Markaz Kot Lakhpat, Qanchi Amr Sadhu, Ferozepur Road here on Tuesday.  The protest was attended by workers, political activists, students and women from different organizations.  The aim is to speak out against attacks on the working class and to organize workers. This united front includes the Awami Workers Party, Pakistan Trade Union Federation, National Trade Union Federation, Mazdoor Mahaz, Women’s Democratic Front, Mehnatkash Tahreek, Revolutionary Socialist Movement, Workers Democracy, Workers’ Ikhath , National Students Federation, PRSF and other organizations. Protests took place in more than 30 cities across the country on Tuesday under the auspices of the Workers’ Solidarity Committee.  Protesters in Lahore held banners and placards with slogans against layoffs, non-payment of salaries, cuts in salaries and pensions.  Demonstrators also chanted slogans against the bosses and the government.  Addressing the participants, the speakers said that it was a labour-hostile government which was giving more than Rs 1,500 billion to the bosses and big capitalists in various forms.  Prime Minister, all the ministers and the government institutions care about the big capitalists only. They said that the capitalists, who are benefiting from the government’s relief package are also laying off the workers like Nishat Mills, Koh-e-Noor, Al-Kurram Textile and Gul Ahmed but no government institution cares about the children of the workers.  We demand from the government that all the sacked workers should be reinstated in their jobs and their salaries should be paid in full by eliminating the deductions in their salaries.  They said that this demonstration is a beginning if the government and the employers do not end the layoffs and pay cuts of the workers then we will hold mass protests and use every option. The said that they will force the government and employers not to starve and die the workers and their children to fill the pockets of super-rich.