LAHORE - Holy month of Ramazan is about to end.  Owing to corona virus pandemic, no Sasta Ramazan Bazaar has been witnessed this year during the holy month.  However, the need of the bazaar seemed to be well fulfilled by Punjab Model Bazaars Management Company that operates thirty-two model bazaars throughout the Punjab.  The status of model bazaars was upgraded to Sahulat Bazaars where various stalls of vegetables, fruits and karyana were being operated in which quality fruits, vegetables, pulses and other grocery items were provided at rates that remained five to thirty-five rupees per kilogram less than that of district administration notified rates.  This is pertinent to mention here that it is a big achievement to provide such a huge relief to general public as, according to resources, no subsidy was provided to model bazaars management company in this regard by Government of the Punjab.  Previously, billions of rupees were spent in the name of subsidy to provide such relief to general public during the holy month of Ramazan and surprisingly during the current year the same was managed by model bazaars management company without a single rupee subsidy/grant/aid etc.  This raises severe questions upon utilization of billions of rupees spent in the name of Ramazan package in the past.   Good security, cleanliness and corona prevention measures can be observed in these bazaars which have been upgraded to Eid Sahulat Bazaars now-a-days, where thousands of people are being served on daily basis to fulfill their daily need of consumer goods and Eid festivities.  As per company resources, Sahulat stalls will remain operational even after holy month of Ramazan as well.  Despite successful operationalization of model bazaars, It is alarming to mention that no model bazaar has been constructed during the tenure of the current government.  All of the bazaars that are providing relief to general public have been constructed during the tenure of previous government.  This raises severe questions regarding priorities, policies and vision of current Government of the Punjab.