A few days back, after the death of veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, my social media accounts were taken over with posts showing people’s grief over his death. Everyone was paying condolences to his family and expressing their sorrow by writing lengthy captions on posts. I agree that as humans, we all felt sadness on his demise; may his soul rest in peace. But let’s not forget that his demise has nothing to do with our national stability. I just want to make my nation realize that it is not necessary to pay useless tributes to people who are already popular in their countries.

We cannot deny the fact that he belonged to a country which violated the ceasefire on the LOC many times. On the same date, 3 of our soldiers sacrificed their lives on LOC because of India’s peace humiliating activity. These martyred soldiers are the real heroes, who deserve our appreciation and condolences because they were serving us by having their lives on stake.  There are many others to cry over the death of Rishi Kapoor, but these martyred Jawans belong to us. We should feel the pain of their families and pass on our condolences to them. I think being a loyal citizen, it is our national obligation to review and set up our priorities according to realities rather than being blind followers of those who are not not concerned about the sacrifices of our Army.