MELBOURNE - The chairman of Australia’s professional cricketers’ union has lambasted the national board’s cost-cutting measures in response to the new coronavirus outbreak, saying they could have “disastrous” consequences for the game over the long term. Cricket Australia furloughed about 80% of its staff and said it had suffered a A$20 million (10.6 million pounds) fall in revenue due to COVID-19, despite the pandemic hitting at the end of the season. The board is also pushing member states to agree cuts to their grants and is in talks with players about adjusting pay. Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) Chairman Greg Dyer questioned the board’s gloomy financial outlook, saying the game had “yet to experience a significant negative revenue event. “It should be in a relatively strong financial position, particularly relative to the winter sports, and with the benefit of time should emerge with a distinct advantage to other sports who’ve been caught directly in COVID’s crosshairs,” Dyer said on the ACA’s website here. “Now is not the time to diminish the game, but instead .... seize the moment and improve it.”