KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Leader Khurram Zaman on Tuesday claimed that the Federal Gov­ernment was supporting all the provinces equally while Pakistan People Party leaders of Sindh were busy in political point-scor­ing even on coronavirus issue.

While talking in a meeting, PTI Leader said that the Fed­eral Government was equally concerned about situation in Sindh because it was one of the federating units.

“Sindh’s interests are also dear to us,” he said, adding, unity is the need of the hour and a joint strategy to com­bat the virus will have to be formulated for efforts to be effective.

He further hailed the Su­preme Court’s order to reopen shopping malls and said the verdict had delivered Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stance of simultaneously fighting the pandemic and saving the vul­nerable segments of society from hunger and starvation.

“The government is main­taining a balance between economic activities and pre­ventive measures against the coronavirus,” she added.

he said, “I also appreciate the incumbent government for taking bold decisions in tough situation.” Resuming of business activities would revive the economy, he said, adding, but unfortunately People were not taking pre­ventive measures seriously.

He said a long lockdown was not in the interest of the country as the daily-wage earners could not afford re­strictions. However, following precautionary measures was vital to tackle the challenge of coronavirus, she added.

“People must ensure social distancing in shopping malls and markets,” he urged.

Despite its limited resourc­es, he said, the government had devised a strategy to sup­port the vulnerable segments of the society.

Replying to a question, he said, since the country’s situ­ation in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak was not as bad as was being expected, Pakistan

 with the grace of Allah Al­mighty would soon overcome the challenge and be one of the countries getting out of the deadly virus speedily.


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, (PTI) Sukkur Ladies Wing president Safia Baloch lauded the Supreme Court’s verdict for allowing markets and shopping malls to reopen.

In her statement issued here on Tuesday she said the her party was supporting the traders’ campaign to ease suf­ferings of the common man.

She further said that PTI`s aim was to bring relief to the people and opening of shop­ping malls and other mar­kets would bring relief for the traders and people could make Eid shopping easily.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Standards and Quality Con­trol Authority (PSQCA) has asked the manufacturers and distributors of hand sanitiz­ers and disinfectants to at­tach a label, having necessary information, on each bottle/ packing to ensure the quality in the country.

The PSQCA is largely main­taining the standards of vari­ous products in the country and in this connection a new standard on sanitizers and dis­infectants has been developed by the authority as per WHO standards, said a spokesperson of the PSQCA on Tuesday.

The information must in­clude contents of the prod­uct with percentage, dates of manufacturing and expiry, batch number and manufac­turers name with address.

Meanwhile, SSP, National Highways and Motorway Po­lice (NHMP) Sukkur Zone, Gh­ulam Sarwar Bhayo on Tues­day said, the online classes for officers of NHMP Proba­tion Course had been started. He said the training activities at Motorway Police were also suspended amid spread of COVID-19.

The SSP directed the officers to take keen interest in their training activities and adopt safety measure in order to pro­tect themselves and their fami­lies from COVID-19.